Request an implant case review

We are committed to using only the highest-quality implant systems that have been scientifically proven over time.


As consumers become increasingly aware of implant treatment, it is likely you will receive an increasing number of enquiries from your patients. Now that implants are a proven and established method of restoring missing teeth, they should always be considered a possible treatment option for the edentulous patient.


If you have a patient you think may be suitable for dental implants, please complete the form below. Alternatively, you may use our patient referral form and send it via fax to (09) 524 2854, or email

Following your referral, we will arrange an appointment with your patient. If you wish to speak with us before referring a patient or to discuss any aspects of implant care, please do not hesitate to phone Noble at (09) 524 2854.

If you have any current radiographs of your patient, especially an OPT, please provide them before our initial consultation with your patient. You will receive a report of the initial consultation, and a further report when treatment planning is complete.

If you wish to expand your knowledge on implant dentistry, consider attending one of Dr Longbottom’s courses or events.