Our mission is to provide you with world-class, innovative periodontal and implant care while delivering high-quality, personalised service in our Remuera and Takapuna clinics.


What makes our service unique?


Service tailored to your needs

Our specialised periodontists take the time to get to know you and understand your dental situation. When you first visit us, one of our experienced treatment coordinators will carefully review your situation and dental history. We carry out a thorough tooth and gum assessment and, because we are specialists, we can often identify problems earlier than general dentists can.


If you need treatment, we will patiently work with you to make sure you understand your options. At this point we will discuss treatment plans, appointment dates, and financial arrangements. We try to make payment as easy as possible, with various options. Some payment plans are interest-free.



Gentle care that prioritises patient comfort

Seeing a dentist can be scary. At Noble, we keep you well informed of your treatments and reassured you are in very capable hands.


We aim to make you as comfortable as we can during your appointments. We are happy to provide numbing gel and gentle local techniques, and for larger-scale periodontal treatments we have sedation options.


Our team is highly qualified and focused on top-quality care and a positive experience for you.



Advanced technology

We use some of the most advanced periodontal and implant technology available in New Zealand, with scientifically proven results.


These technologies include 3D imaging and x-rays, digital implant dentistry, bone grafting using biomimicry methods, perioscopy, and bio-enhanced dental implant systems.


We are proud to be experts in these technologies and are dedicated to ongoing professional development. Our periodontists regularly speak at and attend international conferences to ensure we can continue providing world-class, innovative care that ultimately makes your treatments more comfortable, minimally invasive, and yield better, longer-term results.