Sedation Dentistry

If you get incredibly anxious when it comes to dentistry or dental surgery, rest assured you are not alone. Over 30% of people avoid the dentist due to fear. We have sedation services to make treatment as easy and stress-free as possible.

Perisocopy offers a far less invasive alternative to surgery.

What is sedation dentistry?

We use sedatives and anaesthetic to establish a relaxed, calm state. We can administer sedation in a variety of ways: options include inhaled, intravenous (IV), and oral sedation. We will discuss these options with you.


One of the major benefits of sedation dentistry is that patients often feel like their dental procedure only lasts a few minutes, when in fact it may have taken hours. This is far less tiring and stressful for you, meaning we can perform complex procedures that usually require multiple visits in fewer appointments.


Also, because sedation dentistry minimises some of the fears keeping you from visiting the dentist on a regular basis or getting treatment done, with sedation dentistry you are more likely to receive the care you need.


What our patients say