Periodontal Surgery

Sometimes, non-surgical intervention isn’t enough to restore gum health. After extensive assessment we may recommend one or more surgical procedures to restore gums damaged by periodontal disease. We can enhance your smile if you have receding gums, or feel your grin is too ‘gummy’, or if your teeth have lost supporting tissue.

Perisocopy offers a far less invasive alternative to surgery.

Surgery options we offer

Our surgery methods are as minimally invasive as possible. The procedures we most commonly perform are:

  • Soft tissue grafts

    to cover roots and develop gum tissue lost through gum recession

  • Regenerative procedures

    folding back the gum tissue to remove damage-causing bacteria, and adding membranes, bone grafts, or stimulating proteins to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate bone and tissue

  • Crown lengthening and gum lifts

    reshaping or removing excess gum and bone tissue to expose more of the natural tooth and lessen a ‘gummy’ smile, or make a restorative or cosmetic procedure possible.

We perform several other procedures, depending on your needs.

The benefits

We will discuss the benefits of individual treatments with you, but these can include:

  • Elimination or reduction of bacteria and gum infections

  • Regeneration of damaged bone and tissue

  • Improvement of tooth function or aesthetics

  • Prevention of tooth loss and bone loss

  • Reduction of further gum recession.


What our patients say